I have been taking table tennis lessons from Coach Aabid for over 2 years. With Coach Aabid’s guidance I have gone from a trial-and-error learner to one that knows the proper stroke techniques for a wide variety of table tennis shots. I have also learned other important aspects of the sport, such as not hurrying my shots and relaxing during the rallies to reduce my unforced errors. I would highly recommend Coach Aabid to correct your stroke techniques, improve your serve and serve reception as well as your mental approach to the sport of table tennis.
— William Swift, New Hampshire
I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Aabid. He has helped me develop consistent and powerful shots, a much better serve, and to think about tactics in a game. My game has been transformed and I have improved a lot because of his coaching. He has made me aware of the emotional component of competition and the importance of being calm and relaxed in games. He is a wonderful teacher, always encouraging and supportive.
— Brian Walt, Martha's Vineyard
I’ve been taking lessons with Abid for a couple of years. Abid made sure that lessons built up on each other and had a logical progression. Aside from teaching me mechanics of the game, he gave ample advice regarding mental and psychological aspects of the game. I always felt that Abid was personally invested in and really cared about my development as a table tennis player.
— Konstantin Klitenik, Boston

My Group Class Students Testimonials:

“Coach Aabid's Table Tennis class has enriched my playing style. He focuses on correct technique, and pays attention to individual students, constantly pointing out areas for improvement. His guidance is tailored to the students need, and he teaches formative strokes like fore-hand, back-hand, push and flips, smashes and basic spin. A great course for those who need to improve their playing skills!”  —Yusuf

“Covering Basics , Stance position. How to play correct forehand and backhand stroke.  I always liked how you pointed out if I am making a mistake consistently. The fun part is in the end when we try to implement what we have learned.” — Shreyas

“Aabid is a great table tennis coach. He combines technical knowledge with patience and humor to advance his lessons. I enjoyed his introductory class. It has improved my game by a lot because my strokes were wrong and inconsistent. I developed more consistent strokes after group lessons with Aabid. I also learned footwork and variety of serves. I highly recommend Aabid as a table tennis coach.” — Aydin

“Mr Sheikh is a wonderful teacher for the serious and committed student.   His practice sessions are short enough to get the point and not so long as to get bored.   I find it easy to get around my old bad habits with new better strokes and positions” — Lin

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